Monday, May 23, 2011

My creating self

A while back I posted a short list of small projects.  And then I did them!  Well, most of them.  So here's where we stand.
  • a pillow  One here
  • another pillow and here
  • a couple of finished pillows still here
  • some fabric for a pillow (sensing a theme...) yep, still on this one
  • reigniting my love of tolerance for crocheting I'm even working on some "inventory"!
  • a scarf for S It looks like this.  Too bad S doesn't wear scarves.  Oops.
  • some beyond precious crocheted baby things These booties launched several more pairs.
  • spray painting a lamp My old "ancient Greece-inspired" Pier 1 lamp is now blue! More specifically, it's Rustoleum's "Night Tide."  More on that lampshade in a minute.  Do you see that dresser top?  Numero uno on my to-do list after we move into a house with a garage this summer!

  • recovering the lamp shade  Oh, look, we're already to the lamp shade.  So I read about a thousand different blog posts about how the "easiest way to update a lamp is to recover the lampshade with fabric and a hot glue gun!"  It's supposedly super simple and amazing.  These people?  They are liars.  It is not easy and my lampshade looks like poop.  But it's still hanging out on my lamp because it's the only one in the house that looks good on that lamp.  It didn't help that the shade I chose to recover was ancient and cracked and discolored and I chose to cover it with transparent white fabric.  Oh well.

  • a spring wreath I have yet to make one for the outside of the front door, but I was inspired by these pomanders to create this!

 Let's see, I walked by the TV and saw some women making a tray out of a picture frame now my lotion and jewelry and such sit on this.

I also used the flower punch from the wreath project to add some white flowers to some branches I found on a Buddy walk.

And since I had some burlap on hand, I copied this project almost exactly.

Now this pile of goodness is waiting for me!  I have some "commissioned" pillows to make and that dang spring (uh, summer?) wreath that's been waiting for two months to be made.  With only two months left until we move, it seems a little silly to be starting something new, doesn't it?  Spring Summer wreath, you might have to wait.

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  1. Your lamp turned out great. Amazing job! Love the color choice, it works so well with the table, and thank you so much for using Rust-Oleum.