Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I like your booty

I mentioned recently that I am reigniting my love of tolerance for crocheting.  I made S a super simple charcoal gray scarf.  It basically looks exactly like the picture and her photography is better so you can just imagine mine.  Then I started to make a bag and quickly remembered that I lose interest in projects before the spray paint dries so I sought out a finish-during-three-sitcom-episodes kinda project and found these booties!

Actually, that's not exactly true.  First I tried to make these.  But they were hard and made me angry and I hated them.  Then I found my new love.  

I made two pairs for my friend who is having twins and then I bought about a million colors of yarn so that I can keep making them.

The blue and brown ones were made exactly to the pattern and the white ones were adapted slightly.  I made the whole thing white and only did the top trim in pink and then added pink trim to the strap.  The buttons were FREE from my favorite discount fabric store. 

I am in love with these adorable things.  I might open an Etsy shop just for these little darlings.  But first I need to stock up on free buttons!

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