Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm not crafty

I love projects.  LOVE.   Big, small, give me something to make. 

But I don't like the word "crafty."  I don't really like "craft" (n., a handmade item) either but I'm okay with "craft" (n,, a skill) and "to craft" (v.) and I love the word "crafted" (adj.).

But "crafty" sounds a bit "silly." 

Maybe it's because I associate with "craft fair" and that makes me think of this:

I'm not really a wooden farm animals sorta girl.

I also don't really like being called "creative" when it comes to the actual creation of things because creative implies gifted-ness rather than simply stealing borrowing other people's ideas and taking the time to make them yourself.

So I think I will be called "creating."  And when I'm not creating, like right now for instance, I will be something else.  Like "distracted."

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