Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tour des pillows #1

Our walls are pretty full, we don't have room for any new furniture, and though our little townhome needs a lot of work, we rent it so we cannot give it the love it deserves.  Therefore, I have been making many pillows.  Since I do not own a sewing machine, this is a pretty good time sucker for my part-time workin', no kids, don't really get motivated until the evening lifestyle. 

I would like to share my pillows.

Pillow #1 - the Super Bowl pillow

I did actually watch the super bowl.  Remember?  I like football now.  But I also made a pillow.  I was inspired by this and ended up making this.

It's a nice addition to our guest bed.  I decided to forgo the poofy bow in an effort to make it a little less girly.  I do try to remind myself that a boy lives here and that I should take that into consideration sometimes.  I think it looks like a snazzy bow tie, don't you?

Break down of the costs...
Ikea cushion: $2.99
Fabric from the discount store: $1.00
Random thread: $0
Total: $3.99

Thank you for taking the first stop on our tour.  There are four more to go! 

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