Thursday, February 3, 2011

There, there my pretties

I can hear you all in the wind whistling through the trees...

"Renee, why are you not showing us the amazing crafts that you are making?  You are the ONLY person on the internet making crafts.  The ONLY ONE!  When you do not post a craft there are not 2 bazillion other people out there posting projects infinitely more awesome than yours - there are not!  So we are sad and are crying every night."

I know, I know. I am sorry.

I do actually have some things I want to share because adult life is nothing without show-and-tell but I want to actually finish them first and then I will show and perhaps also tell.  Here's what I'm working on:
  • a pillow
  • another pillow
  • a couple of finished pillows
  • some fabric for a pillow (sensing a theme...)
  • reigniting my love of tolerance for crocheting
  • a scarf for S
  • some beyond precious crocheted baby things
  • spray painting a lamp
  • recovering the lamp shade
  • a spring wreath
And, how could I forget?  My giveaway goodies came in the mail!  Yippee!  So now I have camcorder.  That means I am now a filmmaker.  A filmmaker with a brand-spankin' new Vimeo account.  That's right, you heard me, Buddy's gonna be a star!  Don't you see it?

While you wait for my DIY genius, here's an over-the-top-in-a-good-way lady who has a crazy number of helpful tutorials: Centsational Girl.  For serious, she'll tell you how to do pretty much anything.

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