Monday, January 31, 2011

Shopping at the library

I have recently rediscovered my love of the library.  Bookstores be damned!  The library is FREE!  My favorite feature of the library?  Online requests.  It's like online shopping but it doesn't cost anything!  So, last week The Decemberists, one of my favoritest groups, released a new album and my library had it on the release day.  So I be-bopped on over the the website, searched, clicked request, and was sixth in line to get the new album.  When I was a kid I didn't understand getting tapes and then CDs from the library because you had to return them.  But in the age of itunes and digital files, well, it's the gift that keeps on giving.  Plus, our local library is quite literally over the river (well, creek) and through the tiny little woods from our house.  I can see it through the trees during the winter.  Hi library! 

When I was a kid we could check out 14 items at a time from our county library, good thing because that's about how many Baby-sitter's Club books I could carry at one time.  Here I can check out SEVENTY-FIVE items at one time.  75?  That's a heckuva lotta items!  Your assignment today is to find out how many items you can have checked out at one time at your local library.  And then get a library card.  

Here ends my love letter to the library.

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  1. nice post- my library card is gathering dust in my wallet. i should break it out and follow your challenge. we'll see!!