Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sometimes you DO win!

I love blog giveaways!  I enter almost every one I come across.  I am forever leaving comments like

"I would use the sander to refinish our bedroom furniture!"
"Love your blog!  And I would love that tshirt!"
"That lotion would come in handy for this pesky rash I can't seem to shake!"
"I totally need that book about monster truck repair so that I can repair my monster truck!"

But I've never won.  Actually, that's not true.  I won a fantastic Skeeda bag that I use almost everyday from my friend Carrie's blog via random number generator but I didn't even realize I was entering her giveaway at the time, I was just commenting on my friend's blog, so it's not exactly the same.

So back to my half truth, I've never won one of these random giveaways.  Until yesterday.

I won!  I won!
I did my happy dance.

Want to see what I won?

Awesome right?  And here's my comment.

I wasn't lying.  I really am going to take all this stuff to Alaska in April!

S and I are going to meet our niece.

And to do some of this.

And hopefully see one of these.

We're very excited!  And I will be well equipped with my new travel supplies.

Psssssst - I don't really have a rash.  Please don't be grossed out.  I don't have a monster truck either but you probably guessed that already.  

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