Monday, January 17, 2011

Some will win, some will lose.

Some were born to sing the blues.

Are you tired of that song yet?  Let's all agree to go on a "Don't Stop Believin'" hiatus for a little while, I could use it.

Yesterday, some were losing more than they were winning but that's not really the story here.  The important thing is that I cared.  That's right, I cared about an NFL playoff game.  Cared as in "bought a t-shirt and knew all the players and stats and had been following 'our' team all season."  See?

Totally pumped for the Atlanta Falcons playoff game!  We totally rock!  We're so gonna win this thing!  We have pizza and nachos and ice cream and beer!

And then we sucked.  Bad.  So I took a nap.  Under our friends' Falcons blanket.  I was draped in shame.

Ugh.  Matty Ice, you broke my heart.  It's less exhausting to not care about professional sports.  But after I married S I found out that this will be a part of my life whether I like it or not so I decided to like it.  I even made an NFL reference in a joke/insult/observation.  Wanna hear it?

(Something or someone, I don't remember what or who)?
That's like being in first place in the NFC West!

It doesn't really translate via blog but trust me, S was proud.

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