Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry New Year!

Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!
Welcome 2011!
Happy 11th Day of Christmas!

We hope you had an amazing holiday season.  I'm having trouble letting go.  Post-Christmas is not my best time.  In fact, I secretly detest January.  Shhhh....don't tell anyone.  It's okay because I am stubbornly hanging on to the Christmas spirit and listening to festive music as I type.  What did you do for the holidays?  Did you have a family-filled hectic travel-about-town type Christmas?  Or are you more the stay at home for a quiet hunkered-down affair?  

We packed up the car and headed out on December 20th for a two-week road trip:
Tulsa, OK --> Hurst, TX --> Oklahoma City, OK -->
Richardson, TX --> Hurst, TX --> Slidell, LA --> back home 

Buddy loves riding in the car.  He looked like this for 13 hours.

Buddy and his new BFF Drake in Tulsa.

 After the Philip pick up, we drive to Texas.

My parents' beautiful Christmas tree covered in memories.

 Breakfast on Christmas morning and me looking appropriately maid-like.  I even covered my hair.

The always-important family Wii time.

Buddy loved the pig he got from his grand"paw"rents.  (Harharhar)

This his new human toy, which we also call Mason.

Happy family.

And I got to re-cover my parents' dining room chairs as part of my mom's Christmas present!

Now we're home and my past-Christmas blues have set in.  Do you get this affliction?  Or are you happy to finally move on?   I get it BAD.  This year it was tempered by new storage bins for our Christmas decor. 

They're purple!  S picked the purple.  Thank you, S.  

Also, this Pottery Barn tree skirt marked down to $29.99 from it's original $119.00 didn't hurt either.

So, now on to the new year.  2011 will be a year of change and uncertainty for us so we rang in the new year looking a little bit like this:

But more on that later.  In the meantime, we'll going to be working for more positive emoticons.  In the spirit of positive emoticons, on to the fabric store! :-)
See?  It's working already!

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