Saturday, June 4, 2011

This is for Sarah

This post is for Sarah -- 

Who checks my blog religiously even though I've been at her house for three days and she knows I haven't posted anything.

Who has been my best friend for over half my life.

Who reminds me that we haven't changed too much since high school.  We still get the same haircuts, buy the same clothes, and are great craft buddies - though onesies weren't in our line up 16 years ago.

Who believes in the power of sugar.

Who is a wonderful mom to this little girl who I love and who is totally rockin' her new onesie. 

Who makes me laugh and about whom I have stories that still make me giggle.

Who really needed something to read so she became the subject of an entire blog post. 

This is for Sarah. :-)


  1. Friend it is not fair to make me teary on a Sat. afternoon. If you ask me this is your best blog post ever!!!!!!!!!! And look at those onesies...Audrey is rockin' the purple one as we speak. Love you friend!!!!!

  2. Um, those onesies are AWESOME! [Though technically you should know that "onesie" is a trademarked term owned by the Gerber corporation - all others are simply "bodysuits." Nevertheless...] If you two don't have an Etsy store yet, I sincerely hope you will open one soon and share the link on your blog!

  3. These are actually "onesie (tm)" bodysuits. :-) While we were making them I said, "did you know that "onesie" is trademarked?

  4. I so love you girls!!!