Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No more mistakes

We have a new policy in the B.S. household:  No more mistakes.

Yes, we will probably make a lot of mistakes.  But we are not allowed to look at any decision and think "OMG!  We made a horrible mistake!"

Because that's what I've thought about every single decision I've ever made.  It might sound like an exaggeration but it's not.  I still second guess purchasing the car that I've owned for five years.  I recently decided that living like that is exhausting and leads to a lot of regret.  Which sucks and is no way to live.

So no more mistakes!  If something doesn't work out, that's fine, we'll regroup and work together to figure it out.

We're approaching a time of MAJOR transition.  Things aren't exactly falling into place for our move and it's really scary and now we have to make a lot of decisions with no clear path.  So...there is a lot of second guessing going on but we're putting a stop to it.  No more mistakes!

Anything that happens, any direction we go, it will be where we need to go at that time and if we need to make a change later, it's okay. 

Didn't get the job? 
That just means that there's a better one out there.

Nothing falling into place where we're going? 
Maybe we need to broaden our search.

Timing doesn't seem to be working out at all? 
Oh well.  No biggie.

I'm probably still going to do a lot of second guessing, but I'm working really hard to just live my life rather than analyzing it with "what ifs" and "OMGs!"  So far, it's going pretty well.

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  1. Before Jarrod and I moved I would tell myself (and him and others!) that at the end of the day, it's just him, me, Sophie, Oliver, and Lucy. That's all that was important. If we don't get jobs, it's still just us. If we don't find the perfect house, it's still just us. It provided me a lot of peace in the midst of chaos and change. Really as long as we're together (or will be together eventually!) it's going to be okay. Praying for you, friend!