Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Transitions are not fun

I love to move, I love change, I love starting new things...

I do NOT love not knowing what's going to happen!  In fact, I legitimately hate it.  I do not love feeling like perhaps we are making all the wrong decisions.

We're moving in OKC in less than a month.  S will be in grad school.  We are living in the house my parents still own.

That is all we know.  We do not have:
1. jobs
2. direction
3. sanity

I "do not like button" this.

S and I are spending a lot of time sighing and looking off into space.  Let me tell you, we're really fun to be around.  We also fun bloggers right now, no?

Here's what I hope to share in the next few weeks:
1. We got jobs!
2. We have direction!
3. Hello sanity!

In the meantime, help?

In other, more positive news, my brother is engaged!  My brother is engaged to my best friend's sister!  Congratulations Philip and Courtney!

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