Wednesday, June 15, 2011

About those onesies....

When I posted for Sarah a week ago, I shared some photos of the onesies we made.  Well, we didn't make the onesies, but we did make them cute.  Strike that, baby Audrey made them cute; we just put designs on them.

Side note, as noted by my friend Elizabeth, "onesie" is technically "onesie (tm)" and trademarked by Gerber corporation.  All other "onesies" are "bodysuits" but who wants to put their baby in a bodysuit much less decorate one?  What is this?  1993?

Most of our designs were inspired by this post from I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar.  One design we ripped off wholesale from her freezer paper stenciling video tutorial (linked in the post).

By the way, freezer paper?  Who knew this existed much less it's endless design possibilities? 

Blog proprietor Cheri is one of those Mormon moms with an endless supply of creative ideas and, apparently, time.  Where do these LDS women get it?

Also, can one of you make me this with the jersey knit fabric I have sitting in my closet?  I'd make it, but a) I don't have a sewing machine and b) I'm terrified of making things that someone would actually wear.  I do have a sewing machine on my Amazon wishlist.  If one of you wanted to get it for me, I might learn how to use it.  Thanks in advance!


  1. Um...cute skirt, and cute onesies (tm) for sure :) I just finished the Royals (tm) onesie for Father's Day. I'll post a pic when we wear it :) If I ever get my sewing machine out perhaps I'll give that skirt a whirl. Perhaps on tutu making day!

  2. I am so impressed that you've done so many DIY projects with no sewing machine! I am sewing-machineless, too, and have gotten quite good with the iron-on hem tape, but now and again I think, "Man, I could really do a good project with a sewing machine." How did you pick out one to put on your wish list?

  3. Okay, I clicked "this post" but got a post about flags and donating unused clothes, not cute onesies. I can search her blog, but if you have the correct link, I'd love it!! I'm pretty sure we're going to have a boy, but bet I can tweak things and make some cute gender neutral ones!