Monday, August 30, 2010

Watching the ticker

I put a new toy on our blog, this little visitor counter:

You can see it down on the right-hand side, underneath the long list of our followers (two, to be exact).  Instead of registering the number of hits the blog gets, it counts how many unique IP addresses are used to access the webpage and in what country they are located.  Apparently we need to get a little more international.  So if you want to help my self esteem, you can look at our blog on different computers and get our numbers up! 

Start bugging S to post more because right now the title of this blog should be "This is Total B" and I can say that I am NOT a total B!  I think that S believes that blog posts should be deep and meaningful at all times but I just posted about a flag counter and yesterday I put up a picture of a picture of our dog so clearly this is not true.  Perhaps your emails could go something like this:

Dear S,
B keeps posting flag counters and pictures of pictures of your dog.  Perhaps you can jump in and save us from this inane chatter.  It is only a matter of time before we start getting a play-by-play of Buddy's day and since 90% of that day is spent sleeping, we are dreading this development.  Please help us.
Your dear friend

And you can imagine him looking like this and saying, "Yes, I will help you.  Let's all lift a glass to my interesting blog input.  Cheers!"

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