Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eh, nevermind

I decided to forgo the high-tech attempts and went back to good ol' trace-and-cut for my silhouettes.  Here's the first attempt:

It's not the best picture of a picture, but can you tell who it is?  Yeah, not a difficult one. :-)  I actually really like the depth created by having paper on paper so I guess it turned out just fine!  Now to find three more subjects. 

We went to see "Eat, Pray, Love."  I loved the book (huge surprise).  Reading the book was like going on a trip and wanting to skip my return flight.  Seeing the movie was like finding a postcard, it was pretty but I don't need to gaze at it for 2.5 hours.  But it was pretty.  And now I want to hit the road!  Sometimes I feel like Juliet Binoche's character in "Chocolat" and get so antsy to make a change.  That "clever north wind" makes me so restless!  S, ready for a new adventure?

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