Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My inspiration/From whence I steal good ideas

We don't have cable which means I can no longer obsess over HGTV. This is probably a good thing. However, recently HGTV has been supplanted by some amazing home-centric blogs that I stalk read. Well, mostly just one blog but every once and a while they will share another person's obsession with blog about their house and I mosey on over and take a look.

My current favorite home-loving friends are Sherry and John over at Young House Love. And now they have a baby so it's an even better read. Most recently I stole their idea for the bathroom.

Here is their version:

 And here is mine:

These are in my "jewel box" half bath.  Since we are renting our townhouse we only painted the bathrooms to get rid of the awful wallpaper and make the repainting when we move easier.  I like Sherry and John because they provide tutorials for everything they do.  These were easy and I already had all of the supplies in my house!  I am really impatient when it comes to projects so this was perfect for me.  As far as the "subway stops" on my signs, I love New York and Paris but Mike has never been there so I used locations in OKC for the fictional subway signs.  I didn't cut the boards very straight so the bottom one is a little whankerjawed (as my grandma would say) but, eh.

Here's another view:

Oh, so many things I would change if this place were ours!  Someday.

And speaking of good ideas to steal, I am also stealing this one someday in the near-ish future.  Seriously.

Check out their awesome "how to" tab.  Great ideas!

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