Thursday, August 19, 2010

An announcement

Of the non-baby kind.  I know, when you are 28 and married and having the baby fever, a baby is really the only announcement that you should have.  And I say that without sarcasm.  Really.

But before that momentous and exciting announcement there will have to be a few others: grad school acceptance (hopefully), where we are moving next August, and S's new job in that location.  Then maybe a brother or sister for Buddy because he really needs one.  And then it'll be time for the BIG ONE.

But today, I bring you this announcement:


This is a big announcement!  It means that everyone I know helped me raise $2300 a full month and a half (correction) a full TWO and a half months before the 3-Day for the Cure event.  That's a whole lotta mullah for breast cancer research.  But it doesn't stop there.  There is no rule that you can raise only $2300.  In fact, I'm up to $2325.  So keep it up!  Maybe we can even get to $3000?  That would be so amazing!

And, because my favorite blog posts are the ones that send me somewhere I've never been, I want to let you know that Teal Toes month is coming up!

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month and painting you toenails (or fingernails!) teal, the ovarian cancer color, is a great way to spread awareness of this quiet but serious disease.  You can even get business card-size info cards to pass out when people ask you about your teal toes and fingers.  During the 3-Day I am going to paint my fingernails teal and have my little business cards available for other walkers!

I probably would have never known about the symptoms or severity of ovarian cancer or the opportunity to spread awareness if I hadn't lost a childhood friend to the disease a year ago.  Paint your toes teal for Megan and for women everywhere!

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