Monday, August 9, 2010

A 3-Day training first

This weekend I sustained my first injury while training for the 3-Day during a 12-mile walk.  Nope, it wasn't shin splints or a pulled muscle or a twisted ankle or even a sunburn.  A bee stung me on my bottom.  Luckily I was almost home for my midpoint pit stop and water refill so S helped me put a baking soda paste on it and cover it with a band aid.  My first injury and my first bee sting, all at the same time!  It still itches and, it's location being where it is, the resulting scratching is highly unclassy.  A facebook friend asked me if it went something like this:

In other 3-Day news, we are now 11 weeks away from the event and I only have $250 left to raise!  My goal of $2300 is only 11% away!  Click here to learn more about how to help me reach my goal!

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