Thursday, December 29, 2011


We live with my parents, aka Santa and Mrs. Claus.  My dad grew a beard, I think mostly so that as he continues to gray he will resemble the jolly man more and more.  So now we will compare and contrast the decorating prowess of the Claus couple with our own.  Pardon the blurry pictures.  Photography is not my forte.

The house were we live:

The decor in our two rooms:

Yup, vase with ornaments and berry things.  Don't worry, we have big plans for the house that is yet-to-be-purchased.  S bought a spool of lights on clearance.  You heard me right - a spool!


  1. I love your vase with the ornaments! All that other stuff would stress me out, esp. with a small person running around touching (and taking and hiding) stuff. Plus, where do you put it all when it's NOT the holidays?!

  2. It would stress me out too, but it brings my parents a lot of joy. Luckily they have a "anything that's out is for touching and enjoying" and all real breakables or anything that would be hazardous is up high. For 10.5 months of the year there are a lot of really fulls plastic tubs out in the garage! :-) I try to remember that someday my kids are going to think it's AMAZING!