Thursday, March 31, 2011

For all you theology nerds

You know you're out there.  All you people from my past and my (slightly smaller contingency) present.

I haven't read Rob Bell's book Love Wins.

But do you know what I love about responses to Rob Bell's book Love Wins?  NOBODY SEEMS TO HAVE READ IT.*

*Jeremy, I know you read it.  And I liked your take too.

If you are not a theology nerd and don't keep up with current Christian gossip and don't like banging your head against the wall over ancient disagreements that get us nowhere and only end in furthering our divisions and frustrating everyone...

Oh, wait, did I show my cards too soon?

Anyway, if you do not know about this book and do not care, that's okay.  If you do not know about this book and do care, here's the gist:

Rob Bell is a popular, hip, somewhat progressive, (insert current buzz word here) Christian leader guy.  Lots of people like him, some people love to hate him.  He writes books and hip, cool Christian people read them.  And then get scared.  Especially when he suggestions (spoiler alert) that there might not be a hell to which all of us heathens can be sent.

A gazillion blog posts and tweets later, no one can agree about this book and, further more, very few seem to have actually read it.  It cracks me up. The majority of the responses start this way: "I have not yet read Bell's book, but..."

Reactionary much?

Oh the religiously righteous.  You make me sleepy.

I went to seminary once.  Intro to Theology was an exhausting class.

So, let me say, I have not read the book.  In fact, I probably won't.  I've already read it.  It's called If Grace is True by Philip Gulley and James Mulholland.  Okay, it's probably not the same book but I already know how I feel about the subject and I am not currently in professional Christian leadership so I don't have to do the required reading.

All of that to say, I kind of liked Rachelle Mee-Chapman's take on the whole thing.  And she mentions Carlton Pearson, which is always an interesting topic, especially for you Okies.

Spoiler alert: she hasn't read the book either.

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  1. I was about to protest with "hey, I read it, Ms. B!" but then I saw the shout-out. Thanks.

    I've also read "If Grace is True" and the sequel "If God is Love" and yeah, they are more holistic less trendy-and-lady-jeans takes on the subject.