Monday, March 7, 2011

Down the rabbit hole

Pardon our absence.  Why were we gone?  Because sometimes marriage is so hard that things fall apart and picking up the pieces takes some time away.  It was a rough week.  Maybe rough isn't the right word; it really, really sucked.  But we have found ourselves on the other side and things are good.  I can say that honestly - it is good.  So happy to have that be the truth.

Buddy and I drove to Dallas and then back again within a four day period.  That's a 13 hour drive and not too fun.  I've again learned this week what amazing friends I have.  One of the amazing ones, Carrie, sent me oodles of new music to listen to on my drive.  I fell in love with Agnes Obel.  These are some of the songs that spoke to my heart and helped bind my wounds.

Onward we go...

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