Monday, October 4, 2010

A pomander

I thought this little project was called "that orange clove ball thing that we made in girl scouts" but apparently it is called a pomander.  Much fancier.

That one's not mine.  That one comes from this post at  I kind of like their method better.

My method yielded this:

Actually, that's a lie.  Mine looks like this:

It hangs above the sink.  But that's way uglier than hanging on the corner of the shelf so I adjusted the truth.

Before I saw the fancy pants pomander, when I thought it was a orange clove ball thing, I remembered that in girl scouts we wrapped ours in fabric.  We used one big piece of fabric and tied it at the top but I had a long strip of fabric so mine is lovingly wrapped in string.

So, what you do is get an orange (or a clementine, I hear they work well).  If you are fancy pants you tie a ribbon around the thing first; if not, just start sticking whole cloves in the orange.  Some of the "how tos" tell you to poke holes first but I didn't have to do that.  Then either wrap it in fabric and hang or hang with the ribbon.  It smells amazing and supposedly will dry and last for a while.

I think I'll try the pretty version soon.  Maybe clementine-size pomanders for the Christmas tree?

I have some garage sale finds to fix up!  Behold...

Time for some projects!  Sanding, painting, upholstering, oh my!

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