Saturday, July 24, 2010


Someday we will have a big kitchen (I know you've heard this one before) and I will get the amazing beautiful eight-foot farm table from Kudzu antique store and I will love it so much and forever and it will travel through the generations.

I would like to buy it now.  But did I mention that it's eight feet long?  And on sale for $749?  But, they'll still have it in 5-10 years, right?

I would like to show you a picture so I googled "farm table" and "trellis farm table," as it was listed on the price tag, and "8 foot farm table pedestal base" but nothing even remotely as beautiful as this masterpiece appeared.

The dining room table is almost done, if the dang foam pieces would just get here.  We have fabric.  I don't love it, but I'm trying to develop an affection for it.  I thought I would love it.  Oh well.  Someday it will be our outdoor furniture on our big porch.  Are you beginning to envision the house that I am building in my head?  Did I mention that the entire house will be transportable and able to travel the world?  Yes, it will be amazing.  You will be amazed.

It is 2:31 am on Saturday morning and I am writing about tables.  I am not sure what that says about me.  Don't think I want to know.  Perhaps that I need more activity in my day.  Activity that has nothing to do with tables I am guessing.

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