Saturday, July 24, 2010

Estate sales!

I am learning to love estate sales.  One of the morbid perks of living in a community that was once mostly for senior citizens is that we have an unusually large number of estate sales each weekend near our house.  I think that I prefer estate sales over garage sales, despite the somewhat depressing circumstances.  Here are the reasons why:
  • "Estate sale" sounds infinitely more sophisticated than "garage sale."
  • But the prices are just as good.
  • Some of these people took great care of their awesome stuff, dating back to God knows when.
  • Lots of time the people running the sale like to tell you the story behind the things and usually they are good stories.
My estate sale finds this week?

This 25-cent bowl.  
That is the bottom of the inside of the bowl.

These $3 gloves.  
They have awesome scalloped edges and gorgeous little buttons.  
I have know idea when or where I will wear them,
but rest assured, I will wear them!

This $3 purse.  
A guy who was obviously much cooler than I am
(he was scouting estate sales for hats) told me that 
"vinyl is going to be VERY in this year, you have to get this!"
So I did.  
It doesn't even have a pocket for a cell phone.  That is old, friends! 

Oh, and that's the chair fabric that I do not yet love, but I am working on it.  Today I put a red pillow in one of the chairs to make sure it would look good with Christmas.  It wasn't bad, so it is slowly convincing me to keep it around.  Plus, I am really over shopping for fabric for this project.

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