Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The place where we live

The place where we live in OKC is the house that my parents own.  It has two parts: one built in the 1960s and one added on in the late 1970s.  The 1960s part is small with fun (but damaged) hardwood floors that we discovered under ugly carpet.  The 1970s section includes a giant living room with the master suite, laundry room, and what used to be a hot tub room before the (flat) roof caved in so now it's a hot tub patio. 

We live in the 1960s part of the house.  We have a bedroom and the "small living room" (bedroom with the couch and TV in it).  Here's a little bit of what we encountered during our first few days in the house.  We have big plans to help my parents update each room!

 the extra room/guest room

 the bedroom after carpet removal

the "small living room" before drapery removal
i'm sure those custom drapes were expensive back in the day

the pink bathoom, we've already helped it a bit

the big living room

the other side of the big living room

i'm obsessed with the wallpaper in the laundry room!

the kitchen needs a lot of love
and an island

goodbye old drapes!  hello white panels!
and the couch and the tv and a chair

and some tables and a bench and some artwork

and some paint samples for the future "small YELLOW living room"!

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