Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Off the face of the earth

I feel a little bit like I've fallen off the face of the earth.  I'm not really answering phone calls and we don't have internet at the house yet so it's hard to get online.  Why am I not answering phone calls?  Because right now I am Debbie Downer and realized my conversations were going like this:

Friend: How's the job hunting going?
Me: Eh, it's not, it's really frustrating, I don't know what to do.
Friend: How's the house going?
Me: Eh, we painted but we had to put all our stuff in storage and we don't have much space and it's also frustrating.
Friend: Did your parents move in?
Me: Yeah, it's crowded, I don't know....sigh...

See?  Total bummer.  I work REALLY hard at having a good attitude but it takes a lot of energy and while I can have a good attitude, I can't pretend that it's AMAZING! 

It is not amazing.  We live in a house with my entire family.  We don't have our things.  We don't have much privacy.  It's hot.  I can't find a dream job.  Even though it's temporary, it feels like forever and like I am completely sucking at life.

See why I don't answer the phone unless I am in a genuinely good mood?

Some things have happened.  I got a job.  And then I quit the job before I started.  Why, you might ask, did I do such a thing?  It was a decent job with low pay sitting at a desk all day surrounded by people who already know me.  So a fine place holder but not exactly something to propel me into the future.  So I quit.  And almost instantly starting making new connections. 

What, you ask?

I met with  a professor for whom I am going to be doing to volunteer research assisting and who encouraged me to start taking classes now.

I got another interview for a part-time job with an arts organization.

I met with a principal of a small school for students in substance abuse recovery and I am going to help them develop a music program.

More exciting than office work, right?  Right.

And S loves his job which makes me really, really happy.

Maybe I'll return to earth soon.

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