Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quest for the Best: Vacations

This is our new series to be continued, well, forever.  I figure instead of reading a gazillion reviews of products and places and services, I should just ask everyone I know.  Much easier.

Today's quest for the best: Romantic Vacations.

Where is the best place to go for a relaxing get-away?  We're thinking totally cliche here: beaches, massages, rooms with private pools and a window or door that opens to the ocean and a gorgeous view, yummy drinks, lots and lots of sunscreen.  Something along the lines of this: 

What or where do you recommend?  What or where do you NOT recommend?

On your mark...get set...go...


  1. Athens, Greece would fit the bill! We went a couple of years ago and had a blast (stop by Paris on your way home).

  2. Greg says Cartegena. My vote is for Cannes. It was one of my favs for romantic destinations.

  3. We went to Whistler, BC for our honeymoon - in the summer. It's inexpensive (off-season!), not hot, and lots of gorgeous hotel rooms with hot tubs in the room. Plus it's just beautiful there. Very relaxing, but lots of activities should you decide to take a break from relaxing.

    We also went to Kauai on our "baby-moon" before C was born, and it was basically heaven. We got a great deal on a hotel on Poipu Beach on hotwire, and spent a week lounging on the beach, hiking in the mountains, viewing the island from a helicopter, and eating delicious food. Pretty much heaven.