Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some helpful reading

For those of you who are going to have a baby, might have baby, know someone who will have a baby, or just like to read about saving money: this is for you.  That list kind of sounds like the "possible side effects list" for a medication, "if you are pregnant or might become pregnant...read this."

My pretend best friends at Young House Love provide this handy dandy guide to saving money (and not spending crazy amounts) when expecting a baby.  Some of my favorite suggestions include...
  • Resist the baby clothing draw - I can barely do this now and I'm not even expecting!
  • Buck conventional baby gear - I have an irrational fear of baby clutter one day taking over my house so this is definitely my favorite.  Also, for future reference, if it's plastic and in a primary color, please don't buy it for my child.  That has nothing to do with this article, just a personal request. :-)
  • Save money (and the earth!) by using cloth diapers - These things become way cool!
  • Remember that the store will still be there - As in, if you need it later, you can get it; don't feel like you have to get everything now just in case.
Oh, and don't they have a cute little one?  Surely they don't mind me posting her picture on my random blog, right?

Hope some of you find this helpful!  I have bookmarked it in the folder "stuff to remember," which currently also includes stroller suggestions, DIY decor and toys, and cute stuff I like.  This folder lives under the bookmark folder titled "graduate school."  I am hoping that these two can continue to live together in harmony during the next several years.

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