Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Fall!

I hate September.  It's such a tease.

Labor Day!
The end of summer!
Picking apples!
Cool weather clothes!
Cinnamon-scented brooms at the grocery store!
It's 90 degrees outside!

See what I mean?  September sucks.  I guess if you love the summer it doesn't suck.  But I do not love the summer, I love the fall.  So there you have it.

Nevertheless, Happy Fall!  Because I made a fall wreath, dang it, and it's going to be fall!  I also stuck it to this $69 wreath on Etsy.  What!?  $69!?  I don't think so.  So instead...
  • 18-inch grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby: $3.99
  • Seven sheets of scrapbooking cardstock: $2.03
  • Pages from a Readers Digest Sherlock Holmes book that we had for some reason: free
  • Paper flower making knowledge from friend Carrie's wedding: free
  • Hot glue: free (well, I already had it)
  • (optional) Acrylic spray so I can hang the thing outside: $3.00 (coupon!)
Total: $9.02 before tax

Take that Etsy wreath!

It needs one more little flower in the empty spot on the top but then it will be complete!  Thanks for the idea, Bits & Barley (who are charging way too much for paper flower products....those things are super simple to make - I'll be happy to teach you how).

1 comment:

  1. Friend, I love your projects. You make beautiful things. I need you to tell me how you did your silhouettes, because we want to put some in our dining room!

    Love the wreath!!