Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A PSA from Dr. Oz

I struggle with anxiety.  I spent about two years being anxious about everything.  That was super fun.  Then I tried anti-anxiety medication which, unfortunately, made my anxiety worse in the longer term.  BUT then I caught a few seconds of Dr. Oz and he gave me a suggestion.  (See suggestion at 3:44.)

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Things you should know about passion flower extract:

1. It comes from this awesome-looking flower.

2. It tastes kind of like prunes.  It's totally gross, but you mix it in water or some other beverage and then drink it really, really fast!

3. I got this kind at our health food store.  I don't think there is much difference between the brands.
4.  It really seems to work!  And if you are on anti-anxiety type medication, it shouldn't have any contraindications.  Passion flower isn't the only tool I'm using to combat my irrational anxiety but it certainly helps. 

That concludes today's public service announcement.

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