Sunday, June 13, 2010

What I did on my summer vacation

Hey, would you like to come over for dinner?  Oh and while you're here we'll just show you a few slides from our exciting summer adventures.  Nothing big, it'll take 1, maybe 2, hours tops!  You'll love it.

This is one of those "here's a list of stuff that I've been doing lately" sorta posts.  Feel free to scan.

Last weekend we were in Tulsa for a wonderful family wedding.  The bride was beautiful and happy and the wedding was lovely.  (Hi Ellie!)

My parents were able to come and help with set-up which made things very fun and we even made a groom's cake!

We danced.  See how good we are?  (You don't have to lie, we know we're not good. :-))

It was happy, we had a few marital insights that we'll share later, blah blah blah, and then we came back home.  On Monday of last week I started teaching at the one-month musical theater camp that I did last summer.  I love teaching at this camp!  S began a long summer of watching all of the movies and tv shows available on Netflix instant play.  He's made a pretty good dent in the list!

This weekend was way too productive.  I need a few days off to recover.  I got up early and went to the New Balance Atlanta store to get my 20% discount on shoes for the 3-Day!  I now have brand new pink 1064SBs to wear on my training walks!  I love my pink shoes, I love my pink shoes....

And I have made a big gains in my fundraising efforts and now only have $902 left before I reach my $2300 goal!  Yippee!

We also reorganized the pantry (exciting).  What was that?  You want to see a picture?  Well here you go!

We watched the US-England match at a local pub, we went for a 4.3-mile training walk with Buddy, we watered the community garden at S's school and brought home the first fully-formed bell pepper of the season, S brewed beer with a friend, I made coconut ice cream and salsa and re-covered the piano bench with nifty fabric, we had dinner with friends, and now it's now.

And, just in case you forgot, this is what we look like.  Hi!

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