Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blu-ue room, you saw me standing alone...

Or, The Moody Blues.

Last week if you were walking down the hall to our bedroom, you would see a plain room with plain (pink) walls.

Before that you would have seen an empty room with blue carpet and then you would have seen the demo.

But now you see a beautiful dark blue room with moody blue walls.

I am obsessed with my cozy blue room.  I told S that is feels like a hug.  Who would have thought it would be so comforting to wake up in a dark room?

The small room feels bigger with the rich color and the white curtains and linens look so crisp!

And, bonus, a look back at the pink bathroom.

Eek!  This was right after we moved in.  After adding a black and white rug that my parents brought with them, our white shower curtain, some white towels, and a little bit of art, it looks a bit more glamorous.

We're going to paint the cabinets a glossy lacquered black and add silver hardware to spruce it up until the time comes for my parents to demo that bathroom and make it what they want.  In the meantime, the pink is really growing on me!

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