Friday, November 12, 2010

What's been on my mind

B is very good about sharing what's on her mind. She has an idea and then launches into a new and witty post. Somehow she always seems to find a picture that captures, illustrates, or personalizes her posts, too. She posts about her craft projects, decorating, our new niece, and whatever else may be on her mind. Somehow those thoughts bouncing around in her brain make for interesting blog posts.

But when I, S, think about what's on my mind, I inevitably think about grading homework from 2 weeks ago, whether or not I should go out and get some ice cream tonight, and if I do go get ice cream which credit card should I use so that B doesn't see the charge until several days later. What I'm trying to say is: the stuff that's typically on my mind does not provide fodder for public literary consumption.

But I want to write a post tonight because when I read the blog's tagline, I was reminded this is about the married life of Renee B and Mike S, and NOT just a blog about B. And I'm trying to convince myself that I have a meaningful place in this cyberspace.

So what's on my mind? Beer. More specifically, the dogfish head punkin ale. This beer is magnaminous. It's make with pumpkin, brown sugar, and all spice. At 7%, it's a relatively high gravity beer. But so Delicious!!! The only downside to this beer is that it goes on sale at the beginning of September and this year was totally sold out in our area by mid-October. I was only able to buy 1 four pack before they were all gone.

So what does good homebrewer do when his favorite season is sold out? He makes his own! My brewing buddy and I found what's called a "clone" recipe online (a recipe that produces a facsimile or close approximation of the original beer).

The beer will be ready by Thanksgiving (I think) so I'm thinking about packing some and taking it to Chicago. I've searched online for advice on how to pack beer in your checked baggage and I've heard conflicting reports.

.... so that's what's been on my mind ... and now I have to go to work... I'm running late in the morning as always...


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