Thursday, May 27, 2010

We could make beautiful music together

We're doing laundry and packing.  Buddy's getting packed to go to summer camp, aka to stay with his former foster mom Liz, and tomorrow we hit to road for southern Florida!  Where it is supposed to rain the entire time we're there.  So much for lingering on the beach during my first trip to Florida.  We are visiting grandparents but the main purpose of our trip is to pick up the piano that they are generously bequeathing us.  It turns out that I when I joined the family I doubled the number of piano players and I am very excited to have a real piano in our home!  I have to confess that my fantasies of marriage have always included something like this:

What is marriage if not a series of duets that are expertly produced and flawlessly performed?  Last night while catching up on episodes, S asked me, "is this how you thought marriage would be?"  Yes, I imagine the perfect marriage includes regular performances à la Glee.

It turns out that I didn't marry Matthew Morrison.  Though a lot of our friends say that S reminds them of Mr. Schuester and my high school students at The W. School told me they thought I was like Emma Pillsbury.  I chose to take that as a compliment on my adorableness and not a comment on my obvious neuroses.  But Emma doesn't sing so that doesn't really work.  Anyway...

I am certain that the addition of a piano to our family will lead to the realization of my fantasy.  S better start working on his ballad!  Hmmm...I wonder if S would agree to dressing like this:

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