Friday, April 23, 2010

This is total B.S.

This is a blog totally devoted to the marriage and life of B and S.

The next few months and years promise to be an exciting time for us, and we want an outlet by which we can share our happenings with others. Changes include the possibility of graduate school for B, new career directions for S, and hopefully, in a few years, an addition to our family.

B has two vocation-specific degrees, but she doesn't want to pursue either vocation. So what should she do? Get another degree, of course! But this time she knows exactly what she wants: a Ph.D. in musicology (or maybe ethnomusicology) so that she can teach at the collegiate level. If everything goes according to plan (or if at least most things go according to plan), B will start her graduate studies during the Fall of 2011.

S knows exactly what career his heart desires. The main problem is that his exact desire changes twice a week. But he keeps coming back to three options: 1) Middle School Math Teacher, 2) Teach For America staff, or 3) Law School. As he finishes his first year of a two year commitment with TFA, he's beginning to get restless thinking about the next move. Just like you tell your students, S: Stay Focused!

B and S agree that we are not yet ready for little baby feet to pitter patter around the house. But we WANT to be ready! So this may occasionally be a place for discussion, questions, or thoughts about dah wittle babies. No more baby-talk, S, seriously.

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